Travel Europe: Hanoi - Spain - Switzerland - France - Italy 14 days
Date of departure: 27-10-2014
Price: 0 Vnđ
Departure: Ho Chi Minh City
About tour: Spanish world famous Flamenco dance by hot, seductive. Visitors to Spain can enjoy this dance anywhere in this country. Also in Barcelona, Quarter Barri Gothic 14th century intact ancient beauty. Meanwhile, the capital Madrid as "hospital security ...

Spain is famous around the world by dancing flamenco hot, seductive. Visitors to Spain can enjoy this dance anywhere in this country. Also in Barcelona, the old town from the 14th century Barri Gotic old beauty intact. Meanwhile, Madrid is a "museum" extremely rich and diverse architectural style, hundreds of parks, squares with fountains elaborately carved, best known as the Square subjects with more than ten solar roads radiating directions with sculpture shaped like a bear climbing a tree, symbol of Madrid.

In the eyes of travelers, the Swiss like sweet poem with images almost never change: Women's hair braided pigtails, candy and cheese to follow the manual method, the context is always peaceful with grazing cows. Goodbye Zurich, guests will relax in Lucerne, which are considered traditional stopover those who like adventure, discovery. Lucerne streets strewn with boulders, long and narrow path to the old castle. Clock tower, churches, major hotels and villas will definitely make you turn its head to look. From high-rise windows, one can see the roses are blooming, glowing in the tank crystal clear, magic in the city center area. Vehicles here are mostly bicycles. Roadside, on the waterfront, many leisurely drop sentences, clear water can see the fish. Particularly stroll through Lucerne was enough to give you a sense of flying on a piece of land and fresh sweet quiet.

Paris - land of multiculturalism, is the capital of the light, which is the name for a long time already. It is often known in Paris as the fashion fun: alcohol, perfume, clothing and culinary arts .... but nobody thought of it as a multicultural city. Paris has always fascinated visitors. It hides something interesting to admire and explore. The familiar landmarks as an attractive destination of tourists from all over the world just to visit though where the blood to "wander" you'll find many more. This marvelous city brought in a lot of strange things, attractive and interesting it would be if someone is looking out for himself a Paris ..

Rome is known as the "city of seven hills". In the city there are still many ancient architectural works in Venice Square, Imperial Palace and numerous churches, monasteries, arena, forts and statues, fountains .... People say : all roads lead to Italy, from Italy all roads lead to Rome, all roads lead to Rome of the Vatican and all roads are leading to the Vatican's Sistine Chapel "- the famous church of the Vatican - graphics Graduate Michelangelo took four years to paint cathedral ceiling and ceiling paintings became a masterpiece of humanity ....


Focus on Tourism Company HOANGVIET OPEN. Bus transfer to Noi Bai International Airport. Answers Madrid trip. Overnight on board.


Delegation to Madrid. Pick up at the airport and taken to visit the city of Madrid - The country is famous for the bull arena with landmarks: Plaza Mayor - Madrid's most beautiful square, the cathedral of San Miguel, downtown Calle de Toledo, squares Cortes, look at the famous plaza del Sol Pureta (point of 0 km), Cibeles Square (central post), Alcala street, Ba Tang - famous commercial streets, visit and photographed the Royal Palace, the Prado Museum exhibits a collection of the biggest, most impressive in the world .... Overnight at hotel in Madrid.


After breakfast the next morning, we will pick depart City Barcelona.Tren way stop at rest stop in the city of Zaragoza (309kms, around 04:25). Lunch at the restaurant. Then the rest mass and visit the city of Zaragoza (tour selected by local tour guides). Continue to depart Barcelona (309 kms, about 4:40) I place car to go to dinner at a local restaurant and the hotel to rest and prepare for the next day to visit the scenic view of the city of Barcelona overnight at hotel in Barcelona.


After breakfast at hotel, transfer and sightseeing tour to the City Museum Barcelona.Tham Picasso.Dung lunch at a local restaurant. Barcelona: Tour the town of Pueblo Espanol (Spanish Village), which recreates the special style design Spanish architecture such as mosques or with family style Sagra (Sagrada Famillia).

Afternoon: continue to visit the Plaza de Cataluna - Barcelona's commercial center and free procurement of goods & souvenirs at the large supermarket complexes of Barcelona.
Dinner at the restaurant. Then meet the team bus to the train station to Paris. Overnight on board.


The next morning, to Paris - Pick you up at the station and the delegation to visit the city of Paris: Visit the Louvre Museum - At the Louvre, visitors can admire the paintings and sculptures of the different schools in each of the different stages of the history of nations such as France, ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt. Visit the Eiffel Tower - the most famous symbol of Paris. Visiting Tracodro Square - Square called Reconciliation, Walking through heaven boulevard Champs - Elysse Arc de Triomphe to come - the Arc de Triomphe. You shop at La Defense - Paris most modern neighborhood with high-end fashion boutiques of Europe's leading and the world, which is located several high-rise buildings with fancy architecture, it also concentration of economic groups. Bus tour to have lunch at the restaurant.

Afternoon: continue to visit the Norte Dame de Paris (The Hunchback of Notre-Dame), climb the 376 stairs to the Cathedral, panoramic view of the Seine, the Royal Gardens and Parks St.Cloud. Set foot on the sacred brick front staircase of the church to become rich (according to legend). Then continue to visit by boat on the Seine. 1830 ': Dinner at the restaurant. Overnight at hotel.


Hot breakfast buffet at the hotel. Local tour guide and transfer to the delegation to visit the Palace of Versailles (40 km from Paris) is one of the beautiful palaces in the world is magnificent. Union began visiting the Palace of Versailles - Here visitors have the opportunity to sightseeing, the villa in the palace with the famous works of art from Louis 14 with hall room, the living room operation. Guests will learn more about the lives of the royal dynasty Louis. Noon: Lunch at local restaurant.

Afternoon: meeting the train station and sit down Geneva (3h32 '). Arrival, transfer to the delegation to dinner at a restaurant. Overnight at hotel.


Breakfast buffet at the hotel. Visiting Geneva, see United Nations building, Parc des Eaux Vives, Ile Rousseau Quarter, Garden Jardin Anglais, the world's tallest water column Jet D'Eau. Then depart for Berne (167kms -2: 30), where the delegation went to lunch at a restaurant. Berne Union City tour outside - the capital of Switzerland, city of the Middle Ages architecture. Here, you will be seeing the Fountain Square full of historic, buildings with impressive architecture, Parliament, visiting the Church of St. Vincent, .....

Late Afternoon: Depart Zurich (150kms), where the delegation went to dinner at a restaurant. Overnight in Zurich.


After breakfast at hotel, visit the city of Zurich with: St. Peter's Church (outside shooting) ... Then depart to Lucerne (55kms) - Visit sculptures Swiss soldiers told king Louis XVI's defense - Lion Monument, Chapel - From here you can see the Jesuit church, Tilis mountain by cable car to admire the majestic beauty is snow of the Alps. You watched the famous Kapell bridge ancient world located in the city center, across the river Reuss connection between the new and old city neighborhood. Lunch at the restaurant.
Afternoon: Depart for Milan (285ksm), where the delegation went to dinner at a restaurant. Overnight at hotel in Milan.


After breakfast at hotel, transfer and sightseeing tour to Milan: DUOMO church (outside), look at the Galleria Vittorio Emmaunuele II, see the Scala Theatre. Lunch at the restaurant.
Afternoon: Free shopping, purchase goods and souvenirs for relatives and friends. Then we will pick depart Venice (271kms - around 03: 50). To Venice, the delegation dinner at the restaurant. Bus transfer to the hotel to rest. Overnight at hotel in Venice.


After buffet breakfast at the hotel, we will pick the group visited Venice - visit the famous tourist city of Italy has long been hailed the world "bride seas." Delegation to docks and boats on a large canal close to the sea, then visit the Piazza St. Marco Basilica (half day - walking). Visiting the Cathedral, the city submerged in sea water through the Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge poetic as in the films of Italy. Visiting the factory glassware, crystal Italy's famous. Here you have the opportunity to see the products are made ​​from glass, crystal famous by the talented hands of the artisan Italian artisan producers make up. Bus tour departure to visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa - was built in 1174. It is estimated that this work will take time to build nearly two centuries until 1350 to complete, reaching a height of 54, 18m. This is a work of art represents the Roman architecture of the X-XIII century in Europe. Delegation lunch at the restaurant.
Late afternoon: bus to depart for Florence. Arrival, the Hotel and get rest. Dinner at the restaurant. Overnight at hotel.


After the breakfast buffet at the hotel, visit the city of Florence - Florence is talking about: "Where there is nothing that can not be done". Today Florence is famous for its fashion and leather products. Visiting Square, Palazzo Vecchio, Duomo Santa Maria Del Fiore, Basilica of Santa Croce church. Have lunch at the restaurant.
Afternoon: Depart Rome (300kms), to which the Hotel and get rest. Dinner at the restaurant. Overnight at hotel.


Breakfast buffet at the hotel. Pick up the delegation to visit Rome. Visiting the Vatican State (half day) - an independent national Christian right in the heart of Italy, Rome is just a river. Vatican with panoramic views of the architecture is built with a magnificent big schist massive, bold characteristic of ancient Roman architecture. You visit St. Pierre Square - home to the elite of the era was built in 1667. Visiting the Vatican with the attractions: St Peter's Basilica, Pietà, Baldaquin bronze statue, Cathedral, Cappella Sistina, Vatican Museum. Lunch at restaurants PAPA RE ..
Afternoon: continue to visit Rome with: Arena Colisium famous (outside), Roman Forum (only photographed outside): Formerly known as the center of trade, religion, politics Rome antiquity, was built in a valley between the Capitol and the Palatine. It has gone through 12 centuries of history, Roman civilization was built. Souvenir photograph at TREVI FOUNTAIN- famous Fountain of the ROME - which bring good luck for visitors to throw down 1 coin. Dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Rest at the hotel.


Breakfast buffet at the hotel. You are free to hour bus transfer to airport for departure to Hanoi. (Overnight on board).


Go to Noi Bai International Airport. Company cars delegation at Noi Bai airport in the city center.
Ending the program. Parting Group and see.

PACKAGE PRICE: 115 900 000 VND

(Applies to groups of 15 or more)


Roundtrip airfare from Hanoi International program. Surcharge petrol and aviation security.
Hotel 3 * - 4 * international standard in the city (2 people / room - Room 3 will be arranged where necessary for reasons of gender).
The hotel will be located away from the center in the case of mass coincides in time for the big fair takes place in Europe. Hotel Class constant.
Dining package program.
Transported by vehicles traveling to international standards & transport trains to suit the tour itinerary.
     Fee sightseeing entrance once.
     HDV in Vietnam during the tour come from. English HDV served in Europe
     Schengen visa countries
     Travel Insurance.
     Gifts: Hats & shell passport.

*** Note: The Picasso Museum is usually closed on 2nd week

     Personal expenses and other expenses incurred outside the program.
     Sleeping single (EUR850 / department / person)
     Travel expenses overtime ....
     Tipping for tour guide and driver in a foreign country (the usual minimum of EUR 5 / day / person)
     Gratuity for porters at the airport map, hotels, and other public places (at least around 1EUR.nguoi practices.)
     The costs incurred by program
     VAT invoice (if guests take VAT)
     Extra charges for sightseeing outside the program
     Excess baggage prescribed


     Aviation use:
     Thai Airways (TG)
     Singapore Airlines (SQ)
     Malaysia Airlines (MH)
     Airlines, China Airlines (CI)
     Item No (if any)
     The company organized the tour to keep the right to change depending on airline seat on the flight status of the company may provide for the delegation (according to the actual situation).


     Phase I: You deposit 1500EUR / client to process Visa & ticket booking
     Phase II: You play the tour spots remaining amount immediately after the results of a visa.
     Non-refundable fee: 500EUR / person (including visa fees & procedure fees) - if your visa is not approved grant for any reason - Regulation of the Embassy)


     The program can be adjusted to the time of departure, schedule or cost scheduled airline or the actual situation (if in case of force majeure on the number of tourists gathered a group of 16 people or enough sex seats on flight status or visa status review of the Embassy), while ensuring sights on. Wish you sympathize.
     Exact date of departure of the delegation will be based on the status of Embassy visa approval.
     Passports and air tickets from customers will be preserved HDV journey until after presenting the passport authorities to confirm the entry was marked as the trip to Vietnam ended. (If any).
     Price does not apply to the delegation to the peak season and the festival, festival, fair international nature ..... or Country in which travel through the city. In the absence of changes are days away, the hotel can be placed far from city centers or in other cases to avoid price increases.
     Prices are subject to change if the airfare, taxes, room rates change.


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