Discover Vietnam with Martin Yan on US television

King Chef Martin Yan and series television documentary memoir about Vietnam culinary tour included 26 episode will be aired in the US.

Accordingly, the film "Discover Vietnam with Martin Yan" (Martin Yan - Taste of Vietnam), including 26 sets of 25 minutes / practice English version officially systems broadcaster KQED, PBS and APT agree broadcast on a network of over 300 television broadcast stations across the United States from the date of 09/06/2014.

"Discover Vietnam with Martin Yan" (Martin Yan - Taste of Vietnam) was produced in 2012 and aired on HTV7 the Vietnamese in 2013. In each episode of "Discover Vietnam with Martin Yan," Martin Yan as the hosts performed adventures to explore many provinces from north to south and recounts the story of his experiences with the people of Vietnam on friendly, hospitable, the unique culinary specialties of Vietnam along the scenic, beauty captivated the hearts of the Vietnamese land.

This is a series of memoirs TV documentary about Vietnam culinary tour first investment made ​​by a Vietnam manufacturer is allowed to broadcast on television system known in the United States. This not only gives positive signal to the TV manufacturers Vietnam but also opens up opportunity to promote strong stimulus for the tourism industry and Vietnam cuisine.

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