Add 5 star hotel on Hon Tre Island in Nha Trang

5 star hotel Vinpearl Resort & Villas 1 on Hon Tre Island in Nha Trang will be opened on 30.04.2015 with the scale of 900 rooms, including populations hotels and luxury villas.

This project is the first tourist resort is located in a completely new product line on Hon Tre Island-class 5-star Vinpearl Resort & Villas with 900 rooms, including 500 hotel rooms and 160 villas, each villa 2-4 rooms, occupancy rates in the whole travel system Vinpearl resort and residence.

Compared to the two product lines are active Vinpearl Resort and Vinpearl Luxury, differences Vinpearl Resort & Villas of the resort complex "two in one". The resort combines in the same population,
Zone 5 star standard hotel with villa luxury resort - the sale and long term lease. In particular, the hotel is designed in a modern architectural style, luxury, comfort. The villa luxury resort with private space, convenient connection with the utility's senior population Vinpearl Resort & Villas 1 or system, and Vinpearl Vinpearl Resort on the island.

Customers loved the Vinpearl Nha Trang will have the chance to own a piece of space on its own famous tourist island in Hon Tre - Nha Trang, with 160 villas on sale and long term lease. Here, the investor can manually assign or lease. Vinpearl Joint Stock Company will receive management and long-term rental villas sold, ensuring profitability for the owner. Under the plan, the resort will complete the building and hand over to the management and operation blocks from 04.01.2015, officially opened on 04/30/2015.

Hon Tre Island is located between Nha Trang Bay - one of the world's 30 most beautiful bays, Vinpearl Joint Stock Company as the investment, construction and development of a high-end resort communities in the region. Vinpearl Nha Trang resort tourism infrastructure complete, including two combination scale Vinpearl Resort and Vinpearl Luxury 500 rooms including 84 luxury villas are active, swimming pools, gym system Sports, entertainment parks, water parks, aquariums, golf courses and world class European restaurant chain - Asian luxury ...

It has been ranked as one of the most beautiful resorts 9 South China Sea and the address is favorite resort for many customers.

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