HCM City to build the image destination safely friendly

Evaluation of the efficacy of the model links the promotion of tourism in the city of Ho Chi Minh, Nguyen Manh Cuong - Former Deputy General Director of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, said the focus leading travel of the country (accounting for 55% of international visitors), Ho Chi Minh city is the first local of the country perform effectively in creating attractive products through links between local , the carriers, the airlines, tour operators and hotels.

Want sustainable tourism development, stabilization, Vietnam can not travel in a "short peeled, bite length" and the pattern in Ho Chi Minh City is the effective solution to attract tourists in the moment tourism industry faces many difficulties after the stress of the East Sea issue last time.

Ben the Dragon attract international
Referred to as a "fair tourism", early in the morning, the streets Tham (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) is always crowded and bustling with hordes of tourists shuttle travel agencies perform the visit destinations within and outside the city.

Elisa Lostale, Australian tourists, business express travel Vietnam, especially Ho Chi Minh City, has formed the tours, routes can say is quite interesting and new. This is the third time she turned around Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong River delta tour. Every time she goes to see this tour many changes and always fascinated her.
So she also introduced water tours for friends.

Bring the whole family to visit Ho Chi Minh City and tour the West as well as the choice of the family Doan Phuong, Kham Thien Street, Hanoi. Phuong said she really happy and relaxing see joining this tour. Especially attentive service style of the company as well as tourist guides.

During the journey her family, especially young children always get attention even though union
quite a traveler.

Survey tour link between Ho Chi Minh City to the South West local shows, with time of 1-2 days, for many years, online travel southwest on each occasion Summer to have attracted a lot of visitors interested, a tour is the tour company in Ho Chi Minh City is quite effective exploitation.

To make the tour in this form, the tour operators tourism city have links with local growers as well as facilities for tourists can visit both, combining learn clearance indigenous cultural programs such as ca tai tu listen, visit and learn how to produce specialty Ben Tre coconut candy, visit the famous temple in My Tho (Tien Giang), Cai Rang floating market (Tho) ...

She Khanh Hoa, coconut candy production facility Que Coconut (Ben Tre) said, thanks associated with travel companies in Ho Chi Minh city to own Per Day basis of her delegation welcomed from 4-5 tourists. This helped the coconut candy production facility where the product is consumed, has created jobs for many local workers, especially catering team yacht and boat travelers clover.

Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ho Chi Minh City said the city has actively coordinated with local authorities actively cooperate to develop tourism products in the direction of mining investment, upgrading of the traditional tourism products; construction investment products and types of tourism, promote regional links, links in tourism product development; embellished investment and tourism resource exploitation characteristics.

There are so many tours of Ho Chi Minh city associated with the local international visitors interested, excited as Ho Chi Minh City-Thoi Son (Tien Giang); Ho Chi Minh-Tien Giang, Ben Tre, Ho Chi Minh-Tho-Ben Tre, Ho Chi Minh City-Phu Quoc ... not only cooperate to promote the image of local, city tourism Ho Chi Minh City and other local activities focus on promoting tourism promotion, expanded market promotion abroad.

According to the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ho Chi Minh City, with the goal of enhancing security, safety, environmental improvements tourism, improving the image "Ho Chi Minh-Friendly Destination friendly, attractive, safe, "city tourism boost growth in a sustainable way, creating a strong change in the quality of services, tourist products on the basis of promoting enhanced promotion, international cooperation .

The tourism market of the city is determined to focus in the coming period is Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Western Europe, USA, Russia, Australia, the Middle East, India. At the same time, promote domestic tourism market stimulus program through domestic tourism. The city has long formed the support center visitors at tourist attractions in the city for providing telephone "hot" for visitors to promptly report to the functional units early in the solution decision. Thereby, the local initiative in reorganizing the business services and consolidate grab quality services in a professional manner, creating good travel photos to tourists.

In the future, Ho Chi Minh City will promote education and raise awareness of environmental tourism, civilized behavior, courteous to build good image of the destination, man city with international guests; intersectoral collaboration to further strengthen security work travel.

Along with the continued implementation of enhanced quality of products and services on tourism in the city in which tourism development focusing in particular waterway tourism urban waterways, system development services reached tourism service standards, promote communication program "Ho Chi Minh city - 100 interesting things", the city will hold good for tourism events associated with culture, sports and effects collection attract international visitors to
with local authorities.

In addition, the city also hosts invited, welcomed a delegation of Famtrip, Presstrip abroad for business travel, foreign journalists from key markets such as tourism potential and Japan, South Korea, Taiwan Taiwan, Indonesia ... to witness, information on safe, friendly, tourist attractions of Ho Chi Minh city; improve the quality of tourism categories on TV, radio. The city also launched the official tourist information switchboard in 1087 to serve the needs of the tourist information points to the city for international visitors
and domestic. The city is focusing on organizing the International Travel Fair 2014 ITE-HCMC content
strengthen the promotion, tourism promotion Vietnam pictures, images "national 5-1 points to" stimulate international tourism, boosting the promotions, especially program buyers, sale from the key markets of Japan, Korea, Taiwan, ASEAN, Russia, Australia, invites travel agents of the international tourism market of Vietnam as the new India, the Middle East, Indonesia ... to survey the online travel
the city.

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